Sunday, February 29, 2004

I just have to start by saying that this blog thing is fantastic, I was reading the comments and it's just so wonderful to hear from everybody......I'm smiling ......still smiling........mmmmmmmm Thank you :) didn't mean to get to sentimental there, but who cares! Well I guess I could start by explaining the cheap train tickets, it was a third class ticket wich means: 50 russians.. ( one icelandic girl and one english boy) in a very small carrage with little red banks to sleep on. When I came in I felt like I was on a train on the way to the concentration camps, cause everybody had this real depressed look on their face, didn't really look at you and just strange. When we were on our way I got my little bank ready, took my wonderful sleeping bag out and laid on my small backpack. It was just a wonderful moment- undiscripeble- somehow so fantastic. I probably woke up like 20 times on the way and then I looked out and all I saw were black trees covered in snow and it was snowing as well. Just incredible!!!!
Moscow has been good to us, we met up with some fellow backpackers and we have had some very good laughs. We visited the Kremlin today, didn't make it in to see old Lenin and were a bit disapointed- but hey , we have a reason to come back I guess. I feel like Moscow is a bit more relaxed city, at least a bit more smiles- I know I keep going on about the smiles, but honestly I never would have believed how serious the russians are, of course I know about their history and that may explain it a bit, but WOW..... very strange, and makes you feel a bit wierd. So anyways, Next up will be the siberian rail way- a train all the way to Irktusk ( 77 hours) We have been told to bring a lot of vodka and some presents if we end up in a carrage with russians. It's gonna be interesting to be on a train for all that time, and plain tickets to Irktusk actually were cheaper, but I guess it's just something that you gotta try out. We will be going on board 11:30 tonight and yes may god be with us. Have a wonderful next four days and send me some happy thoughts to Siberia, I might just need that.
With alot of Love, kisses and hugs.....Adjo

Thursday, February 26, 2004

From Russia with Love!!!!
Last time it was icelandic so now it's time to practise the old english again. Oliver is thinking about taking over my blogspot and let all his friend know about it, I honestly think he hasn't got any friends so I'm not at all that worried LOL!!!!! We are still in St. Petersburg but on our way to Moscow with a night train- so we will be there at 9:00 tomorow, our only worry is that the tickets for the train were really cheap and we didn't really understand the woman who sold us them- so we think we might be on a carrage with all the chikcens and the turkeys....with our own I guess. ... I'll tell you all about it when we land. Anyways I really hope we can get lucky with tickets to a ballet there.....crossing my fingers, I don't have a ballet dress, but I have pink pantyhoses to wear, that might just work HA!
I'll start updating now on the things we have done, Tallin was beautiful bella maravillosa and I think everybody should check that lovely city out. We didn't meet many people there, although we were on a train with a very very very drunk scottish lady who keeped saying, dick to her boyfriend... that was quite funny:)... and his name wasn't dick... she kept pointing to his ...you know!!!
The most interesting thing here in St. Petersburg took place yesterday when we had our first conversation to a Russian painter on a bridge, while he took a break from painting his portrait. He was so nice and told us about how it was living here while Stalin was in power, how his father sat in prison for three years for beeing an artist. As well he told us that he used to work for the army, painting pictures of them to put in their paper. This was really interesting and finally sombody talked to us. This really made my day and this incident kept a smile on my face for hours, Olivers face as well. He was just reading this and told me that now everybody is gonna think that I'm really bored with him and that it sounds like it was my first smile for days.... Just so you know, we are getting along very well. Anyways then we tried to call up a language school to get some russian lessons, but they didn't speak english so that went out the window, we might try again in Moscow, it is quite horrible not to be able to speak a little.
Well dear friends, I think this is enough here from St. Petersburg for now, again I love hearing from you all through the comments and I hope you are all doing great and seeing the beauty in the world every now and then!!! Goodbye from pollito, and Pavo says Hello and goodbye and will be writing to his "friends" very soon :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

LOst In TranSlAtion
Jamm og jaeja, ta er fjorid byrjad. Buin med Svitjod og Eistland og stodd inni i Vetrarhollinni i St. Petursborg. Her skilur okkur enginn og en tad baetist og baetist i Brosbunkann, mer leist nu ekkert a blikuna til ad byrja med, en russarnir eru adeins farnir ad geta faert til munnvikin og og eg er adeins ad komast yfir kultursjokkid sem skelltist yfir mig tegar eg var vakin i lestinni af monnum i graenum buningum med byssur sem vildu kikja i toskuna mina og skoda vegabrefid mitt u.t.b. tiu sinnum- sennilega ekkert serstaklega vanir ad fa islenskan passa i hendurnar heldur. Allavega vid komumst alla leid hingad, en eina vandamalid i augnablikinu er ad eg er ennta med tviliku sjoriduna eftir batinn fra Svitjod til Eistlands, og mer er naestum haett ad standa a sama, ef einhver klar commentari getur sagt mer hvort tad se normalt ad vera med sjoridu og finnast an grins allt vagga i kringum sig 48 klst eftir hann steig af skipinu, endilega latid mig vita. Annars er tetta bara allt yndislegt og tad er ofsalega oraunverulegt ennta ad eg se inni i vetrarhollinni miklu tar sem allt byrjadi arid 1917, tetta er gjeggjad og i rauninni engin ord til ad lysa tvi almennilega. Eg held ad timinn minn se ad fara ad renna ut, og eg nenni ekki ad skrifa tetta allt aftur, en eg verd i sambandi fyrr naest og endilega latid mig vita hvort tetta se i alvoru edlilegt med vaggandi veroldina mina...... og eg veit hvad tid haldid ad tetta se bara russneski vodkinn sem fari svona med mig.. en eg lofa, tad er eitthvad skrytid a seidi.
Kaer kvedja fra russlandinu
Gud geymi ykkur

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

hello hello!!!
This one will be in english, I had some complaints from people who don't understand icelandic. I't is quite easy to understand really, but what the hell. Thank you so much commanters, it was so lovely to hear from you all- keep up the good work. Well I'm still in England, Windsor (where the queen lives) and today I went to see her house, or should I say castle. It was really huge and grand in any way possible, but very close to it was a crookced house, wich I personally thought was far more beautiful and interesting. Me and mr. Turkey boy ( Oliver) have been doing all sort of planning, went and had ourselfs a London day - yesterday, got the Mongolian visa, met up with Anabel who is a spanish girl who I shared an appartment with in Salamanca, went and saw Les Miserables in the Palace theatre, bought an mosquito net, had an appointment with a doctor to get some malaria tablets, got ourselfes a huge pile of one dollar bills- so we are good to go bargining with the russians, got some travellers cheques etc. There are louds of things to do for a trip like this, and I feel like I've already spent all my money, but I know this is just like this in the beginning. Also I just wanna go already, I'm getting to exited and I've had enough of "Take care now" and "look after yourself".......just wanna GO GO GO. Well I will be on my way to the airport in a few hours to go to my second destination- Sweden. That will be fun actually because we are meeting up with some real nice people there, there is Thomas a friend of Oliver who we will be staying with, than theres Caroline A, who I worked with in Alicante, and Caroline B a friend from Salamanca and then the one and only icelandic Bragi who will be there visiting his brother. It will be fabulous, and next up will be a boat to Estonia, I think on Saturday. I guess a real good idea would be packing now, cause I just took everything up and need to organize myself again. Turkey boy here wants to do a little introduction and convince you all that he is a real lovely person and will "look after me" during this trip. OOOoooo and his parents are real nice, I made them an icelandic traditional dinner tonight and they finished their plates and even made up those yummi noises to make me happy, very opened minded people I must say. Anyways I'm gonna let Oliver to the computer now. Have a beautiful day everybody ... hugs and kisses ... You will be hearing from me agian from Stockholm... Here you go pavo,,,,,, charm them....

no time to charm today, far too much to do in far too little time. 5 hours until departure and I am deleriously tired and have only just realised it may be a good time to get my things together and look for some travel insurance etc etc. Ditta has been here a couple of days (it seems like months!), and is charming all she meets with her crazy Icelandicness. The only problem I think I will have is getting her out of bed in less than 2 hours and without the babble of Icelandic that accompany such moments, I mean how much difference does "just one more minute" of sleep make anyway? At least that is what I think she was saying, could have been "piss of english penis head". And what is all this Turkey boy stuff anyway?! (TBC)

Sunday, February 15, 2004

Hallo allir saman!
Þá er komið að því, og aðeins tæplega einn sólarhringur þangað til the "big journey" byrjar. Það verður sem sagt lagt í hann kl. 15 á morgun með því ágæta fyrirtæki Iceland express. Ég ætla að vera alveg flughress (þórlaug mágkona fattaði þennan brandara upp). En þar sem ég er náttúrulega hinn mesti tölvu lúði 21. aldarinnar, þá er hún Þórlaug mín hér mér við hlið að hjálpa mér að koma þessu blessaða bloggi í gang.
Ég vona bara að sem flestir af mínu yndislegu ættingjum og vinum fylgist með mér í gegnum þessa síðu og að sjálfsögðu commenti eins mikið og mögulegt er. Þannig fæ ég fréttir af ykkur!!
Hlakka til að heyra í ykkur......................break a leg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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